How To Pick The Right Valentine Flowers

Valentine’s Day is an annual event celebrated to commemorate love and affection. Offering Valentine flowers is a widespread tradition for men while women like the sentiment of receiving them. Giving flowers to your loved one or special someone is common regardless of the occasion but not all flowers are suitable for Valentine’s Day. Flowers have different meanings. The number of stems and even the color can change the meaning of the message. Although skilled florists can help you find the perfect arrangement for the occasion, it is still advised that you get a general idea of what flowers and arrangements mean. You can get bonus points from your special someone for knowing what the arrangement means.

Floral arrangements convey different messages depending on the types of flowers used, the colors and the number of stems in a bouquet. Using flowers with colors in soft pastels conveys a message that you are thinking of them and you care. Such arrangements are great gifts for the other special women in your life such as your mom, sister, favorite aunt or grandmother. For your girl friends, daisies like the Gerbera and Veronica give a fun, fresh and casual look to arrangements. Other possible arrangements include having the same type of flower in different colors or sticking with the same color but using different flowers. With such arrangements, the meaning is derived from the type and color of the Valentine flowers used to make the bouquet.

The classic and traditional Valentine bouquets include roses. Some may see these Valentine flowers as cliché but a lot of women still look forward to receiving a bouquet of roses. The symbolism of colors is commonly applied when it comes to roses. Red symbolizes passion and perfection, white roses symbolize purity and innocence, pink for elegance and appreciation, purple for mysticism and enchantment, yellow for friendship and orange for passion and romance. Much like any type of flower, the meaning can still vary depending on the culture. In some societies, women do not like receiving white roses as they are also offered during funerals while yellow roses may indicate infidelity.

Lilies are also popular during Valentine’s Day. Certain types of lilies, such as Stargazers, have a sweet fragrance and last longer than roses. Another common favorite is the Asiatic lily which makes arrangements look classier. Choose orange and red hues for a more colorful arrangement. Avoid white lilies such as the Japanese and Madonna types as these are commonly given when someone is sick.

Other favorites for Valentine flowers include daisies and orchids. White daisies, in particular, are great gifts after the first date. Orchids symbolize beauty and strength. If your girl likes these types of flowers, giving them a bouquet during the occasion is an indication that you know what they like. Get clues on whether your girl likes sunflowers. For some, the blossom is a bright addition to their space while other women may find the flower weird or eerie to have around. Leave tulips and irises for female relatives and avoid carnations as much as possible.

The number of Valentine flowers can also convey different meanings. For instance, a single stem symbolizes special love while 12 means “Be mine.” If you are feeling generous, a bouquet of 999 roses represents eternal love.