The Gift Of Valentine Flowers

The tradition of sending Valentine flowers to the one you care about most has been around as long as the holiday itself. There are many different ways to express appreciation but flowers say it best when romance is also involved. Since Valentine’s Day is set aside to honor those that you love many people stick with the traditional gift of red roses. One dozen long stem red roses is probably the most popular gift of flowers that is given on this occasion. These can be purchased from a local florist and delivered yourself or many florists also offer delivery. If you choose the latter method, be certain to include a card with a note so that the recipient will understand who the flowers came from and why.

If the traditional dozen roses does not suit your needs there are many other varieties that can be used for this holiday. A single long stem rose is a very classy way to demonstrate affection and can be the perfect method to use when letting someone know that you wish them to be your Valentine. This way you do not have to invest in the whole dozen just in case the object of your affection chooses not to feel the same way. Another great variation on the classic theme is to mix pink roses in with the red ones. This gives a bouquet a nice splash of color and pink roses are suitable if you do not want to come on to strong. While many florists offer yellow roses for this holiday they should be avoided. This is because the yellow rose is associated with infidelity which is not the action we are seeking to celebrate on this special day.

There are a few other flowers that will also make an effective appearance in a bouquet to mark this occasion. The Stargazer Lilly is a perfect choice if you are looking for something fun and out of the ordinary. These flowers are quirky and beautiful and stand up well against the rose. Purple or blue delphiniums are also a great choice. The mixing of these delightful flowers with roses makes for a fun bouquet that is a feast for the eyes and senses.

If you are having flowers delivered to your sweetheart it is important to consider the physical location where they will be receiving them. If they will be at home, you can simply have the flowers wrapped with some tissue paper and baby’s breath as they will be able to place them directly in water. If they will be at the office or somewhere away from home you may want to consider having the flowers delivered in a vase. There are many vases to choose from at most florists and this vase can become a nice part of the gift as it will last long after the flowers have withered. Other great ideas are to have the flowers delivered in a basket with chocolates or with a small teddybear for that extra something special.