Choosing The Right Anniversary Flowers

Anniversaries are a popular time to buy flowers. They are also a rather popular time to get nervous because an individual has never really put much thought into the process of buying flowers before. Not only is the type of flower you buy important, but so to are the numbers you choose and the colours in the bouquet. Try to take the time to think about all of these factors and you may stand a chance at buying the perfect wedding flowers. Always remember, though, that the advice of a stranger is trumped by the desires of your spouse.

What Flowers Should You Buy?

There is no right choice of anniversary flowers. Most individuals do tend to go with roses, but not everyone actually enjoys receiving the flowers. If you have been making an effort throughout the years, it is likely that you have purchased your spouse flowers before. Try to take the time to determine the varieties that he or she enjoys, and go from there. Roses are still a fine idea, but it never hurts to show that you have been paying attention during the year.

What is The Right Number?

There are many schools of thought as to how many flowers are appropriate for an anniversary gift. Some would say that a dozen is the perfect number - and in fact, it is rather easy to find a dozen roses at almost any corner store. Others would say that if you cannot afford a dozen, a half dozen will do quite nicely. Still others might even go so far as to say that a single flower might be the best romantic gesture you can make. If you feel like being a bit adventurous, though, you may even want to consider buying one flower for every year that you are celebrating.

Is Colour Important?

Traditionalists will tell you that anniversary flowers should be red. Red roses are, of course, the traditional choice, and red is a romantic colour. There are also other colours that are quite useful, though, and that many recipients might enjoy. Lavender, for example, represents femininity and white represents elegance. The true answer, though, is that the colour that you choose should be one that is preferred by your spouse. Anniversary flowers do not need to follow a specific set of guidelines, but they should be appreciated by the person that receives the flowers.

There is not right way to put together anniversary flowers. Colours, numbers, and type should always reflect the individual receiving the flowers, not the advice of experts. Try to take the time to remember your partner's likes and dislikes and you may stand a chance at getting things right. Such a decision is always a bit nerve-wracking, but it should be considered every time you buy flowers. It is entirely possible to get into a rut of buying the same set each time you go to the store, so always consider your partner's changing desires before you put in your flower order.